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Wrestling Training Materials and their cost

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Wrestling as a sport by itself does not require use of elaborate equipment. A good wrestling mat is all that is needed. But behind a wrestler’s few minutes on the mat is hours of sustained training schedules and use of strength training equipment to develop and firm up “core muscles” of the back, legs, hands and stomach. This helps to increase body balance and prevents falls that might lead to grave injuries.

Speed development is one of the essentials of a wrestler’s training schedule. Being quick with overall athletic speed and explosive power is a wrestler’s basic requirement. Further, quick movements should be based on overall body balance and stability, all combining to help a wrestler gain advantage and control a match better.

Here are a few examples of a wrestler’s training materials but the cost mentioned are approximations as it depends on the quality of the equipment. Prices prevailing in Australia are given here.

  • Strength training – A wrestler’s strongpoint is strength and stamina and these can be improved by developing core muscles. The equipment is basically barbells which are long bars with weights placed on either end and dumbbells which are small hand-held weights. A barbell weight set has two components – the rod and the weights. Prices depend on the weight that is to be lifted. You can get a good rod for $300 while the weights are in the range of $40 for a 5kg pair to $300 for a 100kg bumper plate pair.
  • Resistance Bands – Also known as Kinetic Bands, these are ideal for increasing hip and hip flexor strength. By adding resistance to every aspect of agility training and speed it prepares wrestlers take more takedowns, escapes and reversals. These bands resist every movement, forcing the athlete to work harder, thereby increasing muscle strength and cardio endurance. Price range is in the region of $25 for bands of 5.5m and upwards of $100 for those in the 46m bracket.
  • Throwing dummies – These dummies resembling real life human beings are becoming an important training tool in the workout regimen of wrestlers. It helps build confidence to face opponents on the mat during competitions. Depending on the weight of the dummies – 60-90lbs to 190-250lbs – prices are in the region of $225 to $325 each.

All wrestling weight training materials should be of the highest quality only to ensure the safety of the trainees. Fitek, an online store for various strength training materials should be your preferred choice in Australia.

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