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The Need for Wrestling Training in Schools

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For any sportsman to make it big at international levels and competition, the start has to be quick, preferably at the school stage itself. Wrestling as a sport is no exception and wrestlers who have picked up the basics in schools can go on to take specialised training once they pass out and wish to take up this sport as a career.

There are a number of advantages in introducing wrestling in schools.

  • Catching them young – Professional or competitive sports requires that training starts at a very early age so that the required physique and stamina can be built up slowly over time. This is more so in wrestling where a high degree of physical development is required. Additionally, there are many divisions in wrestling based on weight. Trainers at the school level can decide which weight category will suit a particular child who can then be nurtured accordingly in terms of diet and training.

  • Minimum equipment – Introducing wrestling in schools will not drain and impact funds meant for educational activities as wrestling requires minimum space and equipment to start off. All that is needed is a ring size space and a good and well cushioned wrestling mat. Headgear, shoes and kneepads do not cost the earth either. This is unlike athletics and football or cricket where a large ground is necessary along with costly equipment. School authorities can therefore quickly introduce wrestling in their institutions.

  • Self defence – Not all those who take part in school wrestling training will go on to Olympics level achievements. There are other benefits for the trainees too. They will become experts in self defence too and will develop the instinct of fighting back in any adverse situations. It naturally adds to confidence levels and this attitude will stay on well past graduation and into careers. This is an off shoot of school wrestling even though it does not contribute directly to a sports career.

  • Being competitive – In today’s world, whatever area one may look at, it is a severely competitive environment. To keep up with the times, it is not only qualifications and educational knowledge that is required. There is a need to develop a spirit of competitiveness and wrestling at school levels can help achieve that. There are numerous school level wrestling championships that take place in all countries and taking part in them incorporates a mental desire to excel in participants. This stays on even after passing out and helps them quickly climb the ladder of success in their professional lives.

These are some of the reasons why school wrestling is so important for stamina and character building.

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