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There is nothing better than a bout of wrestling to get adrenalin flowing, both for the participants and the spectators. And this is definitely not a recent phenomenon, restricted to the Olympics or professional wrestling championships. This feeling has been present for centuries when slaves jousted with each other in giant Greek and Roman colosseums with winner take all and the loser relegated to the gallows.

In this scenario, Elmodena Wrestling is a blog site that brings you information on wrestling, from the happenings around the world to trivia, from behind the scenes activities to change in rules and bye-laws. Any piece of news is good enough for us and we invite wrestling enthusiasts to contribute and share their knowledge with us.

We do not have any specific guidelines for contributors. It’s more like an open forum where readers are waiting to have their fill on wrestling news and views and people with inputs to share bridging that gap. It does not have to be a script on say, the top tournaments around the globe. Tell us what’s the latest on wrestling in your locality that deserves attention and we’ll make sure that it spreads to wrestling enthusiasts.

Say your piece on wrestling on Elmodena Wrestling Blog site. We are waiting to hear from you.